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Skills Introduction

"Sinjin" Smith, President of the FIVB Beach Volleyball World Council, the first player to reach 100 career open victories, and regarded as one of the greatest players in beach volleyball history stated in a Parade magazine interview (February 12, 2006) that the most important initial skill to learn was to "always move your feet into the correct position and face the direction you want the ball to go." He went on to say that "a 7-year-old can start to learn the three basic skills of volleyball -- the forearm pass, the finger set and the spike over the net."

Learn the basics and they will apply to most any game or position speciality. Eventually you will probably find you prefer (or do best at) hard court, sand court, sixes, four's, two's, hitting, blocking, digging, passing, or setting.

Our goal is to provide you with enough of the basics that you can compete and play at a consistently higher level. Stay tuned though, because we hope to eventually have information about disguised shots, off-speed spikes, 'going on two' (hitting the second shot over), cut-shots, pokies, chops, rainbows, loops, jousts, pancaking, pulling, holding, faking, chasing, diving, juking, and other skills/strategies you might have an interest in.

Pancake, Deep Dish, Six-Pack... Here is a link from Buzzfeed that explains and shows the meaning of 21 words that mean something different to volleyball players.

Thanks to Coach Keith (Turtle Lake) for authoring these basic skills.

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