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About the site!

While there has been nudists who play volleyball since the early days of nudism, organized tournaments probably began when the original ASA (now AANR) started to have conventions. This web site began when one of the frequent participants (respectively know as VolleyPaul) at various tournaments had the opportunity to get a free web site along with his internet ISP contract. In its first incarnation, a friend of his designed the site using Microsoft Publisher® which generated the pages in all graphics which make them slow to load and difficult to update. The site was reviewed by Dennis Kirkpatrick in the "Web Review" section of his Naturist Society feature "NIFOC"  in the Spring of 2002, Issue 21.4. In discussions with players from other clubs during the 2002 Volleyball Superbowl another friend offered to take over the web authoring and to "fix" the graphics "problem". The original colors and logos were retained and the site performance was significantly improved as duly noted in the update Dennis Kirkpatrick provided in the Spring of 2003.

Net Play

The originator, VolleyPaul, dropped out of nudism in 2003 and the site was offered to White Thorn Lodge who choose not to assume the financial responsibility. In the Fall of 2003, the site was then offered to Lake Como who was able to take over the domain name without any additional cost as a second domain in its primary web hosting contract. While Lake Como's intentions were honorable, their energies (remember, they're a Coop) were directed to other endeavors so they were only able to provide a one page listing of the major yearly tournaments. Again, at tournaments and among nudist volleyball players, the notion of cooperating clubs and players assuming the site began to emerge. Lake Como agreed that returning the site to the players would help to bring energy and support back to the nudist volleyball community.

Thus, several volleyball players have fronted the funds to take the site over and try to breath new life back into our favorite sport through a more complete web site. If you wish to help us, please read the "How to Help" link. Thanks go out to Tom and Elf (Lake Como); Jim, Holly, Peter and Carolyn (Ponderosa); Ben, Tom and Lisa (Sunny Glades); Jack and Walt (Road Warriors); Rick, Lewis, Jeff and Debbie (White Thorn) for helping to get the site reborn.