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The Naturist Living Show -- A podcast produced by Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park in Ontario, Canada about nudist volleyball. Peter Allison, from Bare Oaks, tells us about the reasons why nudist volleyball is so popular and provides hints for people who want to try it. Listen to the audio feed
Volleyball Pictures -- Hundreds of indoor and beach volleyball photos from national, international, collegiate and junior teams!
USA Volleyball (USAV) - Guide to Volleyball Basics -- One the the most complete reviews of volleyball and the associated skills.
FIVB's The Game - About the Sport -- Brief Volleyball History and Basic Volleyball Rules.
FIVB's The Game - Beach Volleyball -- Beach Volleyball History.
Todd's Volleyball Page offers volleyball expertise from a player-ref point of view. He has USA Volleyball Rules discussion and interpretation, indoor, outdoor, beach situations including FIVB WPVA NAGWS comparisons. Volleyball equipment recommendations, Volleyball officiating information, recreational play in Chicago, IL and Austin, TX.
Scott Hammon's pages offer complete insights into the sport. Scott is an official, a coach, an avid player and says; "Volleyball players are a special breed. There are few other sports that have players that are active and fanatical about the sport their entire life. What's great about volleyball is that it accommodates players of every skill level and every age". Follow the links on the left and you can learn just about any thing there is to know about the fundamentals as well as all the fine points of a complete game.
Jude Popp, former assistant men's coach at UBC (University of British Columbia) and Canadian National Team player, offers some tips and instruction on the Vancouver volleyball web site.
The Basics | Set and Pass High | Passing Pt1 | Passing Pt2
Defense | Serving Pt1 | Serving Pt2 | Blocking

WikiPedia -- Article and links on volleyball. Excellent reading for all the game fundamentals.
AANR Cyber Bulletin -- Article originally published in the Cyber-Bulletin Volume 5, Issue 9 on WTL's Superbowl XXXV.

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